What to Know Before You Buy Rights to Photos

Using photos for our blogs is nice, especially if we use our own photos or the ones that are available for free. However, sometimes we really need the ones that are prohibited to use. Is it possible to buy rights to photos? Surely, there are ways to do it. However, before buying it, let’s get informed about photo rights first.

Photos are a kind of intellectual property. Even if you lend the photos legally, the ownership doesn’t change of course. The photographer who takes pictures for you will give you a license but he/she will always have the ownership legally. If the photographer who works for your company and by using your company’s equipment takes pictures as part of his/her duties, the photos will belong to you as the owner of the company. See more facts about buying rights to photos below.

The Facts about Photo Rights
  • As mentioned before, when you buy a license of a photo, you cannot give the photo to the third parties to be used by them. One more time, you don’t own the photo. You just lend it legally.
  • When buying rights to photos, you should know that there will be permissions written very detail that you can or can’t do with the photo. Some photographers are very strict to give you restrictions.
  • You may find that other people can use the photo as long as they pay to the owner. Remember, you are not exclusive. If you pay more, the photo may be used exclusively.
  • You cannot buy rights to photos from infamous sources since they can steal from others. You’ll be in trouble for sure. Just choose the one with stock photography market which is efficient in securing the rights, less expensive, and famous. Don’t trust those who offer you free clip arts and stock photography since there must be used for several times by others.
  • Make sure you learn well about the contracts if you want to buy the rights to photos.
  • Last but not least, use your copyright notice in your site at the bottom.

So, now you know about the rules before buying photo rights. Hopefully, this article about buy rights to photos can guide you well.