How to Search for High Resolution Images on Google

Pictures are very important in people’s life, they can ease almost everything. People use pictures to enhance their posts on their blogs. Pictures can make the blogs memorable, encourage social media sharing, add color to the blog, capture emotions, etc. when people need pictures for their blogs, they will usually go to Google and search. If they find the one that is best for their post, they will use it. Some are not careful not to mention the owner of the pictures, and some really know about the copyrighted things. So, how to search for high resolution images on Google? See the ways below.

Easy ways to find images from Google for free

First thing first, look for the Google Image Search and click the search term. After that, click the Gear icon and select the Advanced Search option. The next thing to do is scroll down, find the usage rights and use it. You’ll see the drop-down menu for share, free to use, or commercially selections. Next, you should push the button of Advanced Search and you’ll see many images to choose. Since you need the one with a high resolution, just find the one meet your need well. There will be information about the size of the pictures. Finally, you should double check if the pictures are really available for you without giving you troubles in the future. Search for the tools to double check if the pictures are free to use.

Easy ways to search for images with high resolution

After finding the right image and you need the one with a high resolution, first, you should copy the image URL of the image, and then go to Google Image Search. Choose a small icon in the bar of search that will make you choose the search by image. Next, a small box will appear to make you enter the URL of the image or you can upload the image. Paste the URL and click the search button. The next thing you’ll see is the other places of the picture. Find the source of the image. If you need the picture with a high resolution, just click the more sizes link on the left sidebar and you’ll see the image of different sizes. Finally, you can choose the high-resolution one.

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