Fine Art Stock Photos

Using the fine art stock photos are a must thing to do when you want to attract many customers or people to visit your blog or website. As we all know, people love to see beautiful things, gorgeous view, and artsy things. However, it is hard to make that kind of photos. You need to either hiring a professional photographer or taking a photo from your phone. The latter will usually take a lot of efforts. You need to learn how to take a steady and beautiful photo and you also need to calculate the angle. Not to mention, you need to edit the photo so that it will look great. Therefore, there are many websites which offer stock photos of fine arts. For your basic information, this article will provide you with information about the stock photos and the benefit of using them.

Stock photos

The definition of stock photos is images which provided with some websites to be used for many purposes. The photos provided on the website are mostly in high resolutions, so you do not have to worry about the quality of the photo. Of course, the photos or images on the website are all legal. Usually, people use stock photos to advertising their products or giving the illustration to the customers about their business or products. Not only for a business purpose, but you can also use fine art stock photos for a personal purpose. If you are in a tight budget, you can search for the free stock photos because many websites offer free stock photos although sometimes limited.

The benefit

Everything has their own benefit, including stock photos. As we all know, to be able to get a photo or image just like stock photos is quite hard. You need to at least hire a professional photographer. Of course, by hiring a professional photographer can cost you so much. Therefore, by using the fine art stock photos, you can save your money and time.

Free Online Stock Photos

Believe it or not, free online stock photos are the answer for your business. In this modern era, the involvement of social media very influences your business. To make your business grow bigger, you need to attract many customers to look at your business. One of the ways to make them attracted is by putting in the best of the best photos in your social media or blogs or website. However, hiring a very competent photographer will cost you so much. Not to mention if the result is not like what you are expecting. Therefore, nowadays, there are so many websites which offer stock photos.

What is stock photos?

Stock photos for some businessman or businesswoman are a lifesaver. The reason why stock photos are considered as a lifesaver is that stock photos will not acquire you to waste so much money. As we all know, hiring a professional photographer is very expensive. Well, there are some photographers who are cheap, but the results are not good. In this case, downloading stock photos is very recommended. Some of the stock photos will require you to pay while the other stock photos will not require you to pay anything. You can even find many free online stock photos on the internet. Very practical, right?

The use of stock photos

As stock photos are merely images which provided by many websites. Of course, the stock photos are all legal. You can use the stock photos to advertise your business, branding material, or to do promotion. Some of the websites also allow their stock photos to be used as personal use. You can use the stock photos in your social media, flyers, magazine, eBook, newspaper, blogs, even postcards. While there are some stock photos who need some requirements, usually the free stock photos have not required any requirements. You can just download them and use the free online stock photos freely.

What to Know Before You Buy Rights to Photos

Using photos for our blogs is nice, especially if we use our own photos or the ones that are available for free. However, sometimes we really need the ones that are prohibited to use. Is it possible to buy rights to photos? Surely, there are ways to do it. However, before buying it, let’s get informed about photo rights first.

Photos are a kind of intellectual property. Even if you lend the photos legally, the ownership doesn’t change of course. The photographer who takes pictures for you will give you a license but he/she will always have the ownership legally. If the photographer who works for your company and by using your company’s equipment takes pictures as part of his/her duties, the photos will belong to you as the owner of the company. See more facts about buying rights to photos below.

The Facts about Photo Rights
  • As mentioned before, when you buy a license of a photo, you cannot give the photo to the third parties to be used by them. One more time, you don’t own the photo. You just lend it legally.
  • When buying rights to photos, you should know that there will be permissions written very detail that you can or can’t do with the photo. Some photographers are very strict to give you restrictions.
  • You may find that other people can use the photo as long as they pay to the owner. Remember, you are not exclusive. If you pay more, the photo may be used exclusively.
  • You cannot buy rights to photos from infamous sources since they can steal from others. You’ll be in trouble for sure. Just choose the one with stock photography market which is efficient in securing the rights, less expensive, and famous. Don’t trust those who offer you free clip arts and stock photography since there must be used for several times by others.
  • Make sure you learn well about the contracts if you want to buy the rights to photos.
  • Last but not least, use your copyright notice in your site at the bottom.

So, now you know about the rules before buying photo rights. Hopefully, this article about buy rights to photos can guide you well.

How to Search for High Resolution Images on Google

Pictures are very important in people’s life, they can ease almost everything. People use pictures to enhance their posts on their blogs. Pictures can make the blogs memorable, encourage social media sharing, add color to the blog, capture emotions, etc. when people need pictures for their blogs, they will usually go to Google and search. If they find the one that is best for their post, they will use it. Some are not careful not to mention the owner of the pictures, and some really know about the copyrighted things. So, how to search for high resolution images on Google? See the ways below.

Easy ways to find images from Google for free

First thing first, look for the Google Image Search and click the search term. After that, click the Gear icon and select the Advanced Search option. The next thing to do is scroll down, find the usage rights and use it. You’ll see the drop-down menu for share, free to use, or commercially selections. Next, you should push the button of Advanced Search and you’ll see many images to choose. Since you need the one with a high resolution, just find the one meet your need well. There will be information about the size of the pictures. Finally, you should double check if the pictures are really available for you without giving you troubles in the future. Search for the tools to double check if the pictures are free to use.

Easy ways to search for images with high resolution

After finding the right image and you need the one with a high resolution, first, you should copy the image URL of the image, and then go to Google Image Search. Choose a small icon in the bar of search that will make you choose the search by image. Next, a small box will appear to make you enter the URL of the image or you can upload the image. Paste the URL and click the search button. The next thing you’ll see is the other places of the picture. Find the source of the image. If you need the picture with a high resolution, just click the more sizes link on the left sidebar and you’ll see the image of different sizes. Finally, you can choose the high-resolution one.

What do you think? The article about how to search for high resolution images on Google does give you enough information, right?

Making a Website for Photography

If you start your business in photography, it is a must for you to have a photography website. Why? It will give your potential customers information about your products. The more you show off your products in an interesting way, the more chances you’ll get potential clients. So, making a website for photography is necessary, right? See the ideas below.

How to make a photography website
  • First thing first, ask yourself about for who the website is. Who will be your audience? You are a business person, you want your potential customers to enjoy and get informed by your photography website, right?
  • Find out your strengths and make them even stronger. Also know best about your limitation and minimize it.
  • Decide of what kind of photographer you want to be. Do you want to focus on documenting events? Do you like taking pictures of foods and make the foods as tempting as possible? Make up your mind.
  • Browse other people’s photography websites and get yourself inspired.
  • Start creating the layout of your photography website. Do you want the pages to be scrolled horizontally or vertically? Do you want to display your photos in a grid with some images or individually? How about your name, how will you display it? How about the fonts, the colors, footer, header, etc. Be creative in deciding the layout to make it more interesting.
  • You should have a page telling about yourself briefly like showing your CV and testimonies from your previous clients. Don’t forget to show off your contact info, so your potential clients will be easier to contact you.
  • Keep your photography website updated. Your latest work, contact info, CV, testimonies, publications, and latest projects should be updated all the time.
  • Last but not least, your work. Your work should be exposed well. Use social media to help you share the links to your website.

So, are you ready to create your own photography website? It is great if the article about making a website for photography gives you enough information.